2021 parish festival could look very different

November 09 2020
2021 parish festival could look very different

St Peter’s Festival could take a very different form next year, if it goes ahead.

This year’s event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and organisers have been discussing whether it could return in 2021 or if their efforts should be put into 2022.

The festival’s working party held a Zoom meeting to discuss their options.

Considerations taken into account included the potential stringent safeguards that might continue to be necessary if the pandemic stretches into next summer.

St Peter’s parish councillor John Renshaw, who heads up the festival’s working party, said: “The working party’s feeling was that even if a proposal for a pared down festival was approved by the city council the event may still be cancelled as the outlook over the next 12 months is so uncertain.

“The discussion then turned to whether or not to put all our efforts into the 2022 festival or consider alternatives for next summer to a large physical festival in Battenhall Park.

“The consensus view was for the latter and the working party is hoping to put a proposal to the parish council in November for next year’s festival to consist of a number of events, some virtual and some physical, while observing social distancing, to be held over several days rather than one Saturday afternoon.”

He added: “A number of ideas were discussed which will require further research into their viability but we’re hoping to develop an outline of what it might look like over the next few weeks.”