A4440 is used as a race track

January 31 2020

After reading your article [Speed limit on SLR to be set once complete, January, 2020] I totally agree with the need for a speed limit on this road but only the new A4440 Southern Link Road.

 I strongly feel that the full length of the A4440 road is now being used as a test track for motorists and especially bikers, who do excessive speeds and this is more apparent in dry and warmer conditions.

 This is at risk to themselves, other road users and, most importantly, pedestrians and this must be stopped.

 The A4440 has been open for many years and I welcome people on a dry warm weekend to take time out and to observe some of the speeds and noise pollution generated on this road from excessive speeders so the point about the new element of the road and implementing a speed limit should also apply to the full length of the A4440.

Perhaps speed cameras or temporary police mobile speed cameras in set places on a frequent basis would catch a few people and then the word would spread that it’s not a race track similarly as they do on the A449 before Kidderminster.

 I believe the police and council have turned a blind eye for too long and it’s an accident waiting to happen.

 Colin Rhead, Battenhall