Allotment site award-winning

January 31 2020

This is an active allotment site with a waiting list for plots.

We have also won best site award 2017 and 2018.

Most plot holders are within walking distance of the site.

There are alternatives to car parking – perhaps Mr Oliver could look at the footpath along Duck Brook, where there is lighting in place plus some playground equipment and pedestrian access to the school.

If parking is needed an access from the pedestrian crossing in Bath Road would service both Cherry Orchard and Blessed Edward schools, relieving traffic congestion for both schools.

This would also make it easier and safer for school trip coaches which currently manoeuvre in the narrow access to [Cherry Orchard] school.

The school catchment area is generally within walking distance so maybe the children’s health would be improved if they walked to school.

To carry out Mr Oliver’s proposal would come at a cost where [Worcester City] council currently get an income from plot holders and something our cash-strapped council needs.

Such a proposal would need to be agreed by the [National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardens.

Plot holders include:

l Disabled – raised beds are available to them.

l Children – Cherry Orchard Primary School has a plot.

l Families – parents and children work together.

l Elderly/Retired – keeping fit and healthy.

Many plot holders give excess produce to charities e.g. show exhibits, soup kitchens, sheltered housing.

Joy Muir, Battenhall