Residents roll up sleeves for Battenhall clean-up

October 05 2020
Residents roll up sleeves for Battenhall clean-up

Residents took it upon themselves to clean up their neighbourhood in Battenhall.

They turned out in numbers, responding to a call by the ward’s Green Worcester city councillor, Louis Stephen.

He said: “Local residents raised concerns about how untidy the area of St Dunstan’s Close, St Dunstan’s Crescent and St Audrie’s Road had become.

“It is quite difficult for the street cleaning machine to get into small spaces and once weeds become established more soil accumulates and the weed roots get into the cracks, meaning that the street cleaning machine is even less effective.

“This is compounded by parked cars preventing access to the edges of the road.

“Ordinarily the weeds would be sprayed with weed killer but I have concerns about toxic chemicals getting into the drains and eventually passing through to streams and rivers.

“Several years ago there was much talk about the big society – people not waiting for the council to do everything, instead just doing it ourselves.

“I was really pleased with the turnout.

“We spent a couple of hours doing St Dunstan’s Close and St Audrie's Road and the following morning another two hours doing St Dunstan’s Crescent.

“About 20 people took part.”