Tom hopes cash will be pumped into BMX track

June 10 2021
Tom hopes cash will be pumped into BMX track

An 11-year-old St Peter’s boy has called for a BMX pump track to be installed in St Peter’s.

Tom Rebbeck said he thought such a facility “would benefit a large group of the St Peter’s community and would provide a safe and exciting opportunity for doing more exercise”.

He was prompted to make the suggestion after his parents took him to a track in a Kidder-minster park.

The Year 6 Cherry Orchard Primary School pupil said: “It was amazing and I spent hours there improving my skills and stamina.

“On the journey home we were talking about whether there was anything similar in Worcester and I was very surprised to find out that there isn’t.”

He thought potential sites could be considered on the site of the Area 51 play area in Power Park or next to the play area in Battenhall Park.

He said: “The track can be designed to fit in any area and can be made with a variety of features including drop-ins, berms and jumps which can be used by everyone – young and old, on balance bikes, BMXs, mountain bikes or even scooters.

“The tracks are low maintenance and are very hard-wearing, lasting for at least 10 years.

“They also blend into the surroundings really well so would not affect anyone’s view of the green space.”

He added that his school friends thought the pump track would be “a great idea”.

He went on: “We would  like to be involved with any of the work needed - designing the track, helping clear the land and build the jumps and would even like to contribute to the cost of the project by doing sponsored bike rides or asking local businesses to sponsor the track.”