Tom's call for bump track gets support

October 04 2021
Tom's call for bump track gets support

Parish councillors are backing a St Peter’s boy’s campaign for a BMX pump track in the ward.

Tom Rebbeck contacted St Peter’s Parish Council earlier this year calling for a track similar to one he had used in Kidderminster to be installed locally.

The facility could be used by BMX riders, skateboarders, scooter riders and roller skaters.

Tom, accompanied by his mother, Claire, spoke during a meeting of the parish council where his campaign was discussed.

The council’s chairman, Alan Tucker, said the issue of providing such a facility for secondary school age children had “been around a long time”, even before Tom’s call.

His fellow parish councillor, Roger Knight, said a number of sites, including Power Park, had been looked at in St Peter’s over the years.

That had been ruled out due to the space taken by the landing of the new Broomhall Way foot and cycle bridge into Power Park.

Another potential nearby option, next to the model railway track in Diglis Fields, had been dismissed said Mr Knight but he added “I think it’s worth resurrecting”.

The parish council’s vice-chairman, Alan Tidy, suggested Battenhall Park could be considered, as it was in the middle of a large recreation area and would not impact on houses.

Activities on the track would be limited to daylight hours only so no lighting would be installed.

Mrs Rebbeck said: “In terms of fitting into the environment there’s a lot less building,” adding that the track in Kidderminster cost £20,000 to install and was “literally a recycled material track”.

She pointed out that the BMX riders who had won medals at the Tokyo Olympics had started out on similar tracks.

Mr Tidy said: “Twenty thousand pounds seems to me to be relatively small beer.”

Mrs Rebbeck said Tom and his friends would be happy to help raise funds for the track and she suggested a cycle dealer could be approached for sponsorship.

Mr Tidy added that a dedicated skateboard park could be considered for park land opposite the Bath Road Chippy.

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