English project sees dream come true for car fan Peter

January 04 2022
English project sees dream come true for car fan Peter

An RGS Worcester pupil and his family got to enjoy a day with his dream car, a Ford Mustang, due to his success in a school letter-writing exercise.

The opportunity came from Worcestershire-based car dealership, Hills Ford after RGS Worcester Year Seven pupil, Peter Jackson, sent Ford UK a letter as part of a Dream Job project, while he was in year six at RGS The Grange.

The school English project encouraged pupils to write aspirational applications for their dream jobs, with letters posted to leading global companies including NASA and Disney World, The Savoy Hotel and branches of the police force.

The aspirational applications started receiving replies with some even including gifts.

With Peter’s Dream Job to become a car designer, his letter to Ford UK explained his love of cars, his favourite vehicle being Ford’s iconic sports car, a Ford Mustang.

That was then sent on to Hills Ford.

Stuart Murray, group marketing operations director at Hills Ford, said: “It was a pleasure to receive such an animated and enthusiastic letter from Peter.

“His passion for cars was clear as he wrote about his favourite car being a Ford Mustang and his dream job of a car designer.

“We thought it would be fitting to offer Peter and his family the use of a Mustang for the weekend and help Peter's dream come true.”

Peter said: “It's amazing that Ford gave me a Mustang V8 for the day.

“The engine sounded wonderful. It's probably the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I’d quite like one of these for myself.”