Chicanes may be the answer

January 07 2020

Having read the comments regarding traffic speeds in the Battenhall Road area I can understand people’s concerns.

However, there is not any simple solution, as in Battenhall Road itself, from its junction with London Road, the number of on-road parked vehicles, along with the speed bumps and ramp up to Battle Road junction make speeding almost impossible, (although odd ones might try).
However, from Battle Road onwards, to Battenhall Rise junction, it is a different story, as my wife and I, when occasionally walking, have witnessed speeds I would estimate to be between 40-50mph and you may well recall the past incident when a high-speed car part demolished a house front at the top of Battenhall Rise.
I can sympathise with the residents in Timberdine Avenue, as they have numerous other problems as well as speed.
Speaking as a former traffic police officer with West Mercia Police I unfortunately do not believe that the degree of incidents would merit their attendance or the speed camera partnership as they are generally isolated, with no regular pattern.
The one solution I believe would work would be the construction of chicanes from Battle Road upwards, (as per Windermere Drive by Sainsburys).
Over to you Worcestershire County Council.
Name supplied, Battenhall