Pupils 'ticketing' drivers for poor parking at school

April 02 2019
Pupils 'ticketing' drivers for poor parking at school

Pupils have been on patrol with police to 'ticket' drivers parking and manoeuvring carelessly near their school.

The Cherry Orchard Primary School youngsters have been out during the morning school drop-off time with officers from West Mercia Police’s Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to drive home the road safety message.

PC Louise Steele of the SNT explained: “The reason that we wanted to get the children involved is that we were hoping people would take notice of it coming from a child.

“Getting tickets from officers doesn’t seem to deter them so we’re trying something else we hope parents will consider.

“We’re doing it for the children’s safety. We’re hoping they will listen to the kids.”

One of the pupils, 10-year-old Arlo Williams, who is in year 5, said: “I just want to make sure that the children’s safety is paramount at the school.

“One of our COPS (Cherry Orchard Primary School) aims is safety. I really wanted to help with the safety of the children because the parking does affect the children’s safety.

“I have done quite a few road safety things at school and other places.”

Eleven-year-old Coco Markland, of year 6, said: “It’s for the children’s safety. A lot of the people are being a bit careless with their parking.”

She cited instances such as parking opposite a junction and opposite the junction for a busy school.

PC Steele explained they were repeatedly seeing various offences.

She said: “Vehicles pull just into the entrance of Timberdine Close, they stop on the double yellow lines and then, once they’ve dropped their child off, they will reverse back on to Timberdine Road.

“Other drivers will drive down Timberdine Close and then park on the double yellow lines and walk their child into school.

“Other drivers stop on the double yellow lines in Timberdine Close, let their child out and then have to do a three-point turn at the bottom of the road. As there isn’t enough room to get cars side by side, it causes chaos for staff and people who have permission to use the school car park.

“The chaos continues when heavy goods vehicles have to deliver to the nursing home or ambulances need to attend in an emergency and the road comes to a standstill.

“The local policing team have spoken to the nursing home and they do not give permission for parents to use the car park to pick up and drop their children at school. 

“They’ve asked us to pass the message on to parents.”