South Worcester Voice Editorial Complaints Procedure

South Worcester Voice is an independent publisher which takes its reputation very seriously. We aspire to follow the Code of Conduct of the NUJ (National Union of Journalists), which holds journalists to a high standard of behaviour.

Who can complain?

Complaints must be made by a named individual. Complainants must provide a full postal address, phone number and if possible, email address.

What can I complain about?

  1. You can complain about any article, in print or online, including words, images and audio/video content.
  2. You can also complain about the conduct of a journalist or employee of the Voice.

Time Limit

  1. Complaints must be made within four months of publication, or any act which is being complained of.

Making a complaint

  1. Put your complaint in writing to the Editor and Publisher, Peter McMillan, by emailing, by post to Peter McMillan, Editor & Publisher, Macula Media Ltd, 23 Stroma Avenue, St Peter’s, Worcester WR5 3PJ, or call 01905 358342 or 07719 106676. Be as precise as you can about what you think is wrong in the article, and what you would like done about it. State if you think the article has breached the Code of Conduct.
  2. The Editor will respond acknowledging your complaint within five working days. He or she will consider your complaint carefully and attempt to be as objective as possible. If the complaint is about something he has written or done, he will seek advice from other editors in the Voice network.
  3. The Editor will respond to your complaint in writing within 21 working days. If possible, the process will be timed to allow any correction or apology to be published in the next print edition.
  4. If you are still not satisfied with the response to your complaint, it will be referred to the Editor-in-Chief of Local Voice Network, Richard Coulter. Richard will attempt to find a solution which satisfies both the reader and the local editor. If the complaint is about something Richard has done, it will be passed to another experienced Voice editor.
  5. If the complaint still cannot be resolved, it will be referred to an Independent Resolution Panel (IRP) made up of three professionals who are not part of Local Voice Network. The IRP members include the director of the journalism ethics charity MediaWise, a media academic, and a media lawyer from the University of the West of England. They may ask for additional information from you and the relevant editor of the Voice and there may be an opportunity to speak with them.
  6. If mediation cannot resolve the complaint the Panel will consider what course of action should be taken, including whether a correction or apology should be published. The Voice publisher agrees to act on their recommendation including publishing a correction or apology with due prominence.