'Encouraging' increase in Connector passengers

July 02 2021
'Encouraging' increase in Connector passengers

It is hoped that an “encouraging” rise in passenger numbers on the Norton Connector community minibus service will continue throughout the summer.

The service, which enables Norton residents to get into Worcester, will extend into next year, at least, with funding available to keep it running until then.

John Waizeneker, the Norton-juxta-Kempsey parish councillor who leads on the Connector scheme, said: “We have seen an encouraging increase in passenger numbers in May and we look forward to the numbers continuing to increase further through the summer.”

He explained that as well as benefiting the community the “essential” service could encourage people to leave their cars at home to help the environment.

During a meeting of the parish council Mr Waizeneker said the service had been provided throughout the pandemic lockdowns, with funding going further as use of the minibus was only charged on days when it was on the road.

The liveried vehicle that had previously been used was now being replaced by a newer bus, bought by community transport operator Worcester Wheels.

“Essentially, they are comfortable to offer us the four times a day, five days a week service and they will charge us for the days they get the passengers,” said Mr Waizeneker.