Cycling issue is a national problem

January 07 2021

The recent issue headlines an issue of a peloton group on a dual footpath/cycle path, forcing a dog walker into a hedge.

There is a much wider issue on our streets in Worcester and, it seems, nationally.

Cyclists of all ages are now routinely and illegally cycling on pavements meant only for pedestrians, instead of the road.

I am also a dog walker and they come from behind with no warning and towards you assuming they have a right of way.

The Highway Code is very explicit about this: Rule 64, You must not cycle on a pavement - Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A sect 129

Is there a sanction?

Yes - Bicycles are considered vehicles under British law and it is illegal to ride a bike on a pavement which has not been designated as a cycleway. The maximum penalty is £500 but it is often dealt with by a £50 fixed penalty notice.

However, the law is not always enforced by police.

The issue seems to be one of a lack of enforcement. Can the local constabulary/police and crime commissioner be asked about this please? Do schools teach this any more? They used to. 

I am amazed there has not been a serious accident before now or perhaps there has?


Chris Owen, Weogoran Park, Whittington