Football club appoints attendant to manage match day parking

November 10 2020
Football club appoints attendant to manage match day parking

Officials of a junior football club that plays in Battenhall have appointed a parking attendant to tackle concerns of nearby residents on match days.

Nunnery Wood Colts has teams across a range of age groups who play their home matches on Battenhall Playing Fields.

People living in Battenhall Road raised the issue of match day street parking congestion and the club has acted to address it.

A student of Worcester Sixth Form College was chosen from 10 applicants to manage match day parking, particularly on Saturday mornings, when most games are played throughout the morning until lunchtime.

Nunnery Wood Colts secretary, Kerry Ward, said the parking attendant would be responsible for opening up at 8.15am on a Saturday, adding: “She will then place cones around the entrance and at a few points around Battenhall Road.

“She will manage the parking on site to ensure it is fully utilised and be able to direct people to further parking at the convent end of Battenhall Road or Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.

“She will also monitor parking to ensure people are parking sensibly and not causing blockages.”

Mrs Ward explained: “Our main aim is to get children playing football on green spaces. We have a great space on Battenhall Fields.

“As a club we understand it’s not ideal but it’s for a short period of time.

“If somebody does park irresponsibly we will walk the whole field to find that person and get it moved.”

She added: “I think people need to understand that Nunnery Wood Colts is run by volunteers. It’s principally there to benefit the child.”

Starting times or matches had been staggered due to Covid-19 guidance, meaning some teams and parents and officials were leaving as others were arriving.

Mrs Ward understood the frustrations of residents about people who parked inconsiderately, saying: “We are doing our best. We are volunteers and, unfortunately, there are some people who are just insensitive.”

She added: “Hopefully, when we get the parking assistant is in place, it will alleviate the problem.”

Battenhall Green councillor Louis Stephen, who represents the ward on Worcester City Council, welcomed the football club’s efforts to manage parking.

He said: “Many residents have contacted me about the chaotic Saturday morning football parking along Battenhall Road.

“It’s easy to see this as a problem of local residents pitched against the footballers but in reality, with the right management, I’m sure the two sides can be bridged.

“The organisers of Nunnery Wood Colts are unpaid volunteers and often pick up litter and dog mess before play starts so keeping this community asset clean and tidy.

“The Colts do some fantastic work for the community, girls and boys are being given a healthy pastime and it is providing many kids a positive outlet instead of them potentially getting into mischief on the streets.

“Having spoken to the club secretary Kerry Ward I am very pleased that they are planning to employ a car parking attendant to help marshal dangerous parking.

“I know they already work with the mums and dads to encourage them to arrive by foot or bike if they can, as well as parking further down the road towards the old Convent.

“Clearly there is more work to do in this education drive, especially with visiting teams who don’t know our rules.

“None of us want the playing fields to be built on so it's in all of our interests to find a way for residents and the club to work together to stop the dangerous parking and to keep the fields in such a positive active use.”


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