Funds required for car parking

March 06 2020

I have read with interest the articles in your last two issues regarding traffic problems in Timberdine Avenue and the proposed road scheme to help.

But there is not a thought for the congestion caused by teachers parking and parents dropping off/collecting pupils in the Evendine Close cul-de-sac, which is behind the college.

We accept that Blessed Edward Catholic College is there, teachers have to get to work and they have to park, but moving them elsewhere – namely Battenhall Road and Evendine Close – is surely not the answer.

Already there are many days when large delivery lorries and particularly emergency vehicles could not navigate the 90 degree bend by the school rear gates  and remember, the many buses delivering pupils to and collecting them from the school also have to navigate this narrow close.

One point never raised is the increasing through traffic using the Timberdine Avenue route between Bath Road and London Road – thank goodness satnavs seem to direct HGVs by other routes.

There is only one solution to this problem – additional on-site parking.

Many schools just do not have the grounds. However, the headmaster, in his letter of October 2, 2019 to local residents, accepts that there is room on the school site for additional parking.

As expected, there is no funding to provide this. He is clearly well aware of the problem and doing whatever possible to reduce it.

We appreciate the poor funding that Worcester schools receive so, surely, isn’t this the time for the school governors, city and county councillors, local residents – and what about our MP? – banding together to support the headmaster in a bid for special funding for this project.

Remember, Timberdine Avenue is not just a residential street – it is now a major through route between Bath Road and London Road.

Also, Battenhall Road is one of the longest cul-de-sacs in the UK, with very busy traffic between the top of Timberdine Avenue and Battle Road.

Godfrey Benson, Battenhall