Georgians: The Pride and The Prejudice

January 18 – March 28

10.30am – 4.30pm

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum, Foregate Street, Worcester

Free admission

The Georgians lived through a time of contrasting shades. In many ways the age has been seen as one of splendour: the might of Empire, the dominance of the Royal Navy, the extravagances and luxuries of the wealthy, cultural expression, Industrial Revolution, beautiful landscapes, and an exploration of newfound political and religious freedoms. However, the Georgian way of life was built at the expense of the human cost of Empire, slavery, exploitation and violence –  the exhibition will also explore the lives of ordinary individuals who did not prosper like the middle- and upper-classes. Something for everyone. There will be family-friendly activities available in the exhibition, and a range of events which will offer different perspectives to the exhibition.