Graffiti is 'criminal damage' – councillor

June 27 2022

People should stop referring to defacing of public structures as graffiti and instead call it criminal damage a parish councillor has said.

Roger Knight made his comments during a meeting of St Peter’s Parish Council.

It followed scrawling on the new Ketch underpass within days of its opening.

Parish councillor Alan Tidy said the new section of the Carrington Bridge was being targeted in the anti-social acts.

Mr Knight said: “We have got to stop calling it graffiti – it’s criminal damage.”

Mr Tidy added that Grasshopper Park was “the new hotspot” for littering following a litter pick at the park following the upgrading of its play equipment.

He congratulated Worcestershire’s highways department on the work it had carried  out to improve Broomhall Green.

He said: “The verges have gone very well on the embankment. I was very surprised at the growth there. It’s fantastic.”

Describing it as “a lovely little green”, he added: “The results are there to speak for themselves. Highways did what they said they were going to do.”