Group cycling is unsafe on paths

January 07 2021

Cyclists on high-spec road bikes, fully kitted out in specialist cycling gear, are equipped for fast riding on the road.

Fast riding, and group cycling, is not safe or considerate on shared paths.

For a  group of 18 to ride on these paths seems selfish and irresponsible.

But straightening the path will just encourage faster riding, while signs will be ignored even if they’re seen.

If there are to be any changes, they should make the path less attractive to such riders.

The best way might be simply to contact local cycling clubs – groups of riders often belong to a cycle club – and ask them to avoid using shared paths, especially for group rides.

Once they realise the problems they’re causing they might be only too willing to help.

Worcestershire County Council’s website has a list of cycling clubs with contact details.


Duncan Cameron, Battenhall