Hall users broke rule letting off fireworks

December 06 2021
Hall users broke rule letting off fireworks

People hiring Whittington’s new community hall ignored guidance forbidding setting off fireworks and left mess in their wake, parish councillors heard.

The venue is available for hire and the hall’s management committee have stressed that fireworks cannot be let off around the hall out of respect for neighbours and concerns over livestock.

Hall committee chairman Malcolm MacLeod told parish councillors during a meeting about the fireworks incident.

He said: “They set off lots of fireworks and trampled all over the grass. They had left a mess as well.”

He added: “They left refuse in bags outside.”

He explained that the hall management committee charged the users for additional cleaning, which they did pay for.

The terms and conditions for hire of the hall forbid fireworks and Chinese lanterns.

Parish councillors were told that bookings for the hall were encouraging although one medical surgery that had intended to hold an event had cancelled due to Covid and fear of spreading it.

They also heard that a report on acoustics in the hall had led to a quote of £15,000 for improvement work to fit panels.

A possible £24,838.70  section 106 community buildings contribution was available, specifically earmarked for improvements that would provide additional capacity to the community hall.

Quotes for acoustic and security improvements would be submitted to Wychavon District Council when available.