Parish council to help pay for opening event

May 11 2021
Parish council to help pay for opening event

A sum of £500 has been earmarked by Whittington Parish Council for an opening event for the parish’s new community hall.

The building is on course to open its doors during July, with construction work progressing on schedule.

During a discussion on budget expenditure the parish council’s vice-chairman, Steve Brooker, said that although an opening date had not yet been set the hall’s management committee had “been throwing around some ideas” about what could happen to mark the occasion.

“It’s something we want to gift to the community and we’ve got a number of ideas which include events, entertainment for children, an official opening, possibly some music,” said Mr Brooker.

Organisations such as the fire service and police could be invited to attend.

“So it’s quite an adventurous stream that we have in mind but it’ll cost a bit of money so we’re just wondering whether the parish council would be so good as to budget for this opening,” Mr Brooker added.

“Obviously the community hall will use some of its own money but we’re just wondering whether the parish council will give us some money towards this opportunity.”

Parish council Steve Burrows and clerk David Hunter-Miller said funding would be available from the council’s reserves and members agreed, in principle, to allocate £500 to support the opening event.

Proposals for the opening event will be presented to the council at a later date.

Blue or green debate over colour of roof on new community hall 

Colour is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the roof for Whittington’s new community hall.

Members of Whittington Parish Council discussed the progress of the construction of the hall replacing the previous village hall.

Community hall chairman Malcolm MacLeod reported it was on track for a July opening.

He added that the roof material had been referred to as “the X factor” of the architects’ design, “whether it was jade, green, as some people see it as blue”.

Parish council chairman Steve Burrows said: “I wouldn’t describe it as blue.”

Mr MacLeod countered by saying: “Well some people do describe it as blue, funnily enough. But I see it as a green colour.”

Mr Burrows suggested maybe “turquoise” might be appropriate.

Mr MacLeod added that alternative, more costly material had to be sourced for the roof but it would be guaranteed for 40 to 50 years, probably double the duration of the original material.