Trace history of St Peter's on summer heritage trail

July 02 2021
Trace history of St Peter's on summer heritage trail

People will be able to trace the history of St Peter’s in a heritage trail they can follow during July.

The socially distanced event is one that has been planned to take the place of the parish’s normal annual festival that has been cancelled this year due to Covid restrictions and the unavailability of its normal venue, Power Park, because of continuing work on the new foot and cycle bridge landing there.

Festival organiser Georgina Hopkinson and St Peter’s parish councillor John Renshaw have devised the heritage trail, which is scheduled to begin on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, July 17 and 18 to coincide with the start of school summer holidays.

Mr Renshaw said he and Mrs Hopkinson had planned the route of the heritage trail and researched points of interest.

He explained: “We found that a Roman road once ran from Worcester through St Peter’s and on to Gloucester.

“The Ketch pub, now known as the Toby Carvery, is the third pub to occupy that site and has a ghost story associated with it and Power Park was given its name by the children of Cherry Orchard Primary School.

“On the other side of St Peter’s, Red Hill Lane once led to Worcester’s gallows and Duck Brook was once used by Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads to find their way down to the River Severn.”

The trail is around 3.5 miles long on well made, level footpaths. It will be free to use.

Owners of smart phones will be able to follow the trail by using QR codes on trail signs at regular intervals and will also be able to discover more about the history of St Peter’s.

They will also need access to Facebook.

If their phone is unable to read QR codes or people do not use Facebook, a paper version of the trail will be available from the Village Hall, which is the starting point and finishing point for the trail.

A scarecrow festival is another event taking place in St Peter’s in the absence of the regular festival. That will be in late August.