House burglaries linked to same group say police

November 24 2021
House burglaries linked to same group say police

A group committing burglaries which follow a similar pattern is thought to have been responsible for offences in St Peter’s.

Two properties were targeted in Sheringham Road on the same day, “both linked by their MO [modus operandi],” PC Louise Steele told residents attending a Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting at St Peter’s Baptist Church.

PC Steele, of West Mercia Police’s Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), presented statistics of crimes in St Peter’s and Battenhall during September.

She said the Sheringham Road burglaries were being linked to a particular group.

There were no reports of criminal damage or vehicle crime in St Peter’s during the period although there had been three thefts from the Tesco and B&M stores.

In Battenhall there were two burglaries on the same day, both domestic related and a theft, again domestic related.

No vehicle crime was reported in the ward.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Tom Evans, who had joined the SNT, reported on anti-social behaviour in the area over the previous three months.

There had been two reports of youth-related anti-social behaviour in St Peter’s.

In one of the incidents, youths fought among themselves outside the vaccination centre at the Baptist Church.

In the other, a teenage woman was abused by an adult woman.

There was also a drug-related incident in Dace Road.

Loud music in a vehicle-related incident was complained about and there were instances of cars being driven at speed around the Tesco car park and the one at County Hall in Spetchley.

PCSO Evans said he had attended incidents of youths climbing on to the roof of the sports pavilion in Evendine Close but they ran off as they saw him approaching.

There had also been an incident with a drunken man shouting and screaming in the street.

PC Steele said that St Peter’s and Battenhall still remained low crime areas, adding that another PC was set to join the SNT in the new year to help tackle long-term issues.

Resident tells meeting driver doing 'donuts' on highway

A resident who raised his concern about electric scooters also spoke about issues including a car reportedly doing 'donuts' on a public highway.

Speaking during a Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting at St Peter’s Baptist Church, the resident referred to “some clown” in a car, adding “you would not believe the noise”.

“Apparently he was doing 'donuts' at the top of Norton Road.”

The resident was also concerned about speeding mopeds.