I question any further growth

July 02 2021

The [Abbotsbury Court] car park area is small and at times not large enough for the businesses operating already, which would have to include the village hall and the four other businesses that operate in and under Tesco’s direct control.

I think as a resident of St Peter’s that long term, with all the planned development included within the SWDP [South Worcestershire Development Plan], we will soon have to address the fact that St Peter’s Drive is slowly but surely becoming a rat run and shortcut for traffic trying to bypass the Ketch Island coming from all directions.

St Peter’s, after all, is a residential area completely surrounded my major trunk roads and a motorway and I would question the authorisation of any further future commercial or even housing development and would even question if a major supermarket that continues to increase its business portfolio including a petrol station should have direct access through a housing estate when an established road, Norton Road, is no longer used as a road but, in my view, should be if the supermarket plans to continue long term in its current location.

Ian Done, St Peter’s