Lane drainage survey halted by obstruction

July 02 2021
Lane drainage survey halted by obstruction

A Worcestershire County Council work crew abandoned a survey of drainage in Whittington’s Church Lane after coming across an obstruction.

David Chestney told members of Whittington Parish Council that the work team had attempted the survey without letting the parish council know about it.

During recent years parish councillors have called for action to tackle the problem of repeated flooding in the lane without success.

Conservative Rob Adams, who stood down as the parish’s representative on Worcestershire County Council in May but attended the parish council meeting in his capacity as its Wychavon District Council member, said he understood the team had dug down and found a pipe covered in concrete, prompting them to abandon their survey.

Parish council chairman Steve Burrows said the parish council had gone as far as it could and needed someone with “clout” to take it forward.

Linda Robinson, a Conservative elected in May to the Worcestershire County Council Upton Snodsbury seat in succession to Cllr Adams, attended the parish council meeting.

She said if she was sent the details of a survey carried out by contractors on behalf of the parish council she would follow up the issue.


Village road closure plan

Whittington’s Church Lane will be closed for up to five days during July.

The closure, which could be completed within three days, begins on Wednesday, July 7.

It is taking place for a new customer connection.

It means no vehicle will be able to use the lane from its junction with the A4440 Whittington Road Roundabout to its junction with U47606 Walkers Lane.

Alternative routes will be: Diversion 1: A4440 Swinesherd Way, A4440 Whittington Road.

Diversion 2: A4440 Whittington Road, A4440 Swinesherd Way.

Access for pedestrians to premises situated on or next to the highway or to any other premises accessible for pedestrians from and only from the highway will be allowed.