40mph speed limit to roundabout 'outdated'

June 10 2021
40mph speed limit to roundabout 'outdated'

Increased traffic speed to 40mph from 30mph along a stretch of Bath Road is “out of date and out of touch with reality” according to a St Peter’s parish councillor.

Roger Knight has been critical of the longstanding traffic condition, which allows drivers to increase their speed after they pass the junction with Elm Green Close as they approach the roundabout by The Timberdine pub.

He was concerned that drivers approaching the roundabout and turning left into St Peter’s Drive were being allowed to go too fast.

Mr Knight said that while roadworks were being carried out around the neighbouring general area it would be a good opportunity to make the whole of Bath Road 30mph from its city end to the roundabout.

He explained: “For some years I have been trying to get that message across to county highways but unsuccessfully.

“I thought it was an opportunity once again to raise it to get somebody to take a look at it.

“There’s no purpose at all [for the increase from 30mph to 40mph].

“That speed limit was increased to 40mph before the roundabout was installed. It’s out of date and out of touch with reality.”