Venture would be supported

July 02 2021

I was delighted to read about this prospect and feel it would really benefit the area.

The unit has been closed for more than two years and it would certainly bring new life to St Peter’s in a tasteful manner.

One only has to visit one of Ale Hub's other sites to realise that they maintain very high standards and would not attract a rowdy and anti-social clientele.

Surely they should be given a chance with the opportunity for their licence to be reviewed on a regular basis, just like every other premises within the city.

With respect, the Timberdine and Ketch can hardly be attired with the epithet “pub”, being no more than cheap eat, quick-stop establishments.

I feel sure that the noise level created would not exceed that of Tesco supermarket and the youngsters skateboarding or playing football close by.

This venture would be well supported and a hub of the local community.

Michael Wickens, Battenhall