Good neighbourly spirit was already evident in St Peter's

March 30 2020
Good neighbourly spirit was already evident in St Peter's

The hyperlocal good neighbours spirit was already evident in St Peter’s Begonia and Orchid Closes and is proving pivotal during the coronavirus pandemic.

Adam Hall, pictured, of Begonia Close, pictured, said the residents there looked out for each other, had their own facebook page and held social events.

“There’s quite a good little community group in Orchid and Begonia,” he explained.

“We did a street party for the jubilee in 2012 and have a barbeque every so often.”

Mr Hall had already acted to check on his neighbours’ wellbeing as the coronavirus issue escalated before joining the St Peter’s Coronavirus Support Group.

“We homed in on the spread kindness, not coronavirus,” he said.

“The purpose is primarily to give some really local neighbourhood support to anybody who needs it.”


Mums step up to help

A group of mums have been offering help to their neighbours in Littleworth during the coronavirus crisis.

They galvanised into action following an appeal by Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council for residents to look out for those most at risk.

In a message to residents parish council chairman, Kevin Fincher, said: “The elderly and vulnerable may feel particularly isolated and concerned and may fear for their safety in simply going shopping, hence I would ask all of you to look around and just check that your elderly and vulnerable neighbours are looked after and well supplied.

“However, a physical visit could possibly put them in harm’s way by inadvertently infecting them without knowing, therefore the advice is to phone, text or email and offer to shop for them, thereafter delivering to the doorstep.”