Resident fears part of Norton Barracks wall could collapse

January 07 2021
Resident fears part of Norton Barracks wall could collapse

Fears that part of the wall surrounding the former Norton Barracks site could collapse have been raised by a resident and the chairman of the parish council.

Kevin Fincher, who chairs Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council, told members during a meeting that a neighbour had expressed his concern over the wall in Brockhill Lane, fearing it might collapse.

After the issue had been brought to his attention Mr Fincher walked alongside the whole length of the wall with Barry Barnes of Worcestershire Highways to see first hand the state of it.

Part of the 8ft wall near to the site of concern had previously collapsed.

Mr Fincher told parish councillors: “My worry is it’s going to be collapsing without anyone doing anything.

“The last time it went without any warning.

“It’s leaning against a fence post.

“I think if you took away the fence post the whole thing would collapse.”

Mr Fincher said the previous  collapse had been caused by an ash tree growing next to the wall on the Crookbarrow Road side of it.

He was concerned that “extensive” vegetation on the Brockhill Lane side of the wall could be part of the problem.

That view was shared by Rob Adams, the parish’s Conservative county and district councillor, who said that ivy and vegetation was “undermining” the wall.

Mr Fincher said he thought Worcestershire County Council had a part to play in addressing the problem.