Norton Connector adds extra destinations to regular route

January 07 2021
Norton Connector adds extra destinations to regular route

The Norton Connector service has been extended to additional destinations in Worcester.

Since its launch in September the community minibus service has ferried passengers between Littleworth and Tesco in St Peter’s.

The new destinations added are Crowngate, St Martin’s Gate, Haresfield Surgery in Newtown Road and Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

The extended service is running, by request, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is going into Worcester twice each morning, extending the route from St Peter’s Tesco to arrive at Crowngate at 9.45am and 11.45am.

Return journeys from Worcester in the afternoon depart Crowngate at 1.10pm and 3.10pm.

The journey time from Littleworth is around 30 minutes into Crowngate.

It is not possible to stop anywhere else in Worcester city other than Crowngate, Asda, the doctor’s surgery and the hospital.

Worcester Wheels is complying with all Government rules and guidance on Covid-19 protection so passengers are required to wear face coverings.

As with all Norton Connector journeys the extended route is only available to members of Worcester Wheels booking rides in advance by phone.

To book a ride or become a member for a one-off £10 fee phone Worcester Wheels on 01905 450654.

The fare for a single journey to or from Worcester is £3 (£2 with concession pass) from anywhere on the existing route.

The additional destinations were approved by Norton-juxta-Kempsey parish councillors.

Parish councillor John Waizeneker, who has been leading on the Norton Connector project, said various options for increasing the route had been looked at.

Including Hatfield and Wadborough had been considered but ruled out as not being practical.

Mr Waizeneker said: “We always said that from the very start of this service that the timetable and routes were something of an experiment.”

He explained: “The beauty of something like this is it’s very flexible,” adding: “It shows people we're listening and we’re trying to develop services to meet their needs.

“The parish council and Worcester Wheels are doing something positive at this time.

“We can do things that show the world is not seized up completely.”

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