Drivers asked to obey village parking rules on school runs

January 07 2021
Drivers asked to obey village parking rules on school runs

The chairman of Whittington Parish Council wants a message to be sent out to people parking on yellow lines during drop-off and pick-up times at the village school.

Steve Burrows made his comments during a meeting of the parish council as members discussed the issue, raised in a letter from a concerned resident.

Mr Burrows suggested that the sight of a civil enforcement officer enforcing the regulations at those times might prevent drivers parking their vehicles on the yellow lines or zig-zag boxes near to Whittington Church of England Primary School.

“I don’t think it would take much to actually send a message out,” he explained.

Parish council clerk David Hunter-Miller read out the letter from the resident, in which they said: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to get to school both as a driver and a pedestrian during the school run.”

This was partly attributed to the lack of availability of the Swan pub’s car park during the second lockdown but was “also due to an increase in the number of large lorries and vans travelling down Church Lane”.

The resident went on: “As a result of the lack of parking spaces for parents many are resorting to parking on double yellow lines and on the zig-zag yellow lines on the bend near the alley and across private driveways.”

They added that staggered school start times had been “great for keeping traffic flowing and freeing up space quickly”.

The combination of the lorries, poor parking and lockdown closure of the pub however, meant that at several times traffic came to a standstill as cars tried to squeeze past each other.

The resident said: “As a pedestrian this is dangerous as pavements are not wide enough, particularly for those on bikes or with pushchairs, and so need to walk in the road to squeeze past cars parked on the pavement.”

Whittington parish councillor Dan Bayliss said he agreed that some visibility from civil enforcement officers might help tackle the problem while another member, Susan MacLeod, said she had seen one of the officers patrolling the area.

Mr Burrows said: “So we could ask her to come at dropping off or picking up time.

“I think just being there, she might not actually have to do anything, just appearing would probably help.”

Members agreed to ask Wychavon District Council to enforce parking on the double yellow lines at critical times of day, feeling that an occasional presence would encourage more considerate parking.

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