One road in and out of new estate 'not enough'

June 10 2021
One road in and out of new estate 'not enough'

A single entry and exit point for the Whittington Walk development is not enough according to councillors.

They say there should be an alternative entry to the growing housing estate for emergency services vehicles.

The exit point is also likely to come under pressure from the volume of commuter traffic needing to emerge during the morning rush hour once life returns to normality, it has been claimed.

Wychavon district councillor Rob Adams raised the issue of the single access point, from and on to Swinesherd Way, during a meeting of Whittington Parish Council.

He said: “I, personally, think, in an emergency, just the one entrance in and out isn’t enough.

“I just think there ought to be a locked gate somewhere or other or something that the fire brigade or police or ambulance can get in another way.”

Parish council chairman Steve Burrows said the full effect of the number of houses built or still under construction had not yet been seen.

He said: “I’m waiting to see when there’s 360 householders there and they’re all queuing up to get to work in the morning if commuting is back on and trying to get on to Swinesherd Way.”

He added “that’s not been tested yet at all” and feared there could be accidents with heavy traffic from Whittington Walk attempting to emerge on to the 70mph Swinesherd Way.

He said: “But none of this is ever listened to. We’ve raised it many times and never seem to get any response.”

Parish councillor Katie Lambeth-Mansell said: “When you were talking earlier about the entry and exit I remember this being originally discussed or put forward as part of the consultation period a good number of years ago, probably about five or so, when they were originally talking about building the estate, so it’s probably worthwhile checking what the response was then.

“And, actually, I do think there’s nothing to stop them modelling this type of activity to understand the impact, so I think that’s probably worthwhile having a conversation because they should have really looked at that already.”

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