Residents to have say on parking proposal

October 04 2021
Residents to have say on parking proposal

Residents in Battenhall are to be consulted about whether they would like to see a residents’ only parking scheme introduced.

People living in Green Hill London Road and St Dunstan’s Crescent say people working in Worcester park their cars there all day, limiting the amount of parking available to residents.

The Worcestershire county councillor representing Battenhall, Conservative Steve Mackay, has taken up the issue with the county’s highways department.

He explained: “Residents in both Green Hill London Road and parts of St Dunstan’s Crescent have approached me in the past to discuss the possibility of having a residents’ parking scheme at their location.

“I asked for the highways department to look into the idea and it was agreed that it would be feasible.

“In late August, letters were sent to those who would be directly affected for them to consider if it was something preferred by a majority.

“So there will be a proper consultation period before a decision is made to proceed or not.

“Parking in these locations is, like other areas of the city, very limited and residents have told me of how people working in Worcester park there all day, reducing their ability to park locally.

“A residents’ parking scheme would, to a large extent, counter that, and permit local people to have greater opportunity of parking nearer to their homes.

“Ultimately It will be for the majority of residents here to decide whether or not they would prefer to have the scheme implemented.”

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County councillor Steve Mackay