The reason for Parkway ignored

January 07 2020

These trains will now have to stop at four stations in a 12-mile zone, three Worcester stops and the ever important Pershore.

The fact remains in 1982 the trains to London direct were reduced from 15 to two each way, a fact that remained for years.

This has improved but with the incessant need to stop all Worcester to London trains at Pershore, Hanborough and Slough the journey times have always been slower.

As to the opportunities to travel a greater selection of destinations this has been scuppered by CrossCountry refusing to stop any of their longer distance services at Parkway, citing capacity issues.

The fun-sized Cardiff to Nottingham trains are next to useless to meet Worcester's needs for a direct service.

With the north east/west south west route, the whole reason for Parkway has been totally ignored.

Passengers already have a service to Birmingham New Street or Cheltenham and then endure a change of trains to progress.

The whole point of Parkway has been overlooked. Don't kid yourself trains to London are better. The fact remains the station is four miles closer so clearly it takes less time.

Don't patronise railway people. This massive expense is a huge failure unless long distance Voyager CrossCountry trains are forced to stop at this Parkway station, which was the whole point of its creation – nothing to do with faster Paddington trains.

Lyndon Buck, St Peter’s