The road is most definitely rat run

December 03 2019

I read with interest the comments from David Knight, one of my neighbours – the road is most definitely a rat run.

The issue of speeding has been on the agenda for this road for many years, the number of vehicles now using the road has naturally increased, for various reasons. Unfortunately no actions so far have curbed the speeding problem.

The speed limit is 20mph – most drivers cannot engage with that speed, they believe it to be 30mph (which through observation is regularly exceeded) and pay little attention to the few warning signs there are.

Vehicles coming out of St Dunstan’s Crescent and Timberdine Avenue often have a blind spot, due to parked vehicles, pulling into the traffic on Battenhall Road. There could be a major incident.

With the number of school-children regularly using this road, I can see an accident waiting to happen.

I believe that matters are in hand to try and resolve the issue, hopefully sooner rather than later.


John Merrick, Battenhall