Residents to have say on vision for Norton

September 09 2021
Residents to have say on vision for Norton

A plan outlining a vision for Norton for the next 10 years is set to go out to a public referendum.

An independent examiner has given the go-ahead for the move after issuing a report to Wychavon District Council on the Norton-juxta-Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan period runs until 2030 and includes policies involving the development and use of land.

It was prepared by Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council.

If the neighbourhood plan is favoured by more than half of the respondents it will form part of the overall development plan, with a national framework saying that where a planning application conflicts with a neighbourhood plan that has been brought into force planning permission should not, normally, be granted.

In his report, the examiner, Christopher Collison, said: “All parties have had the opportunity to state their case and I am satisfied the representations have all been expressed in terms that are sufficiently clear.”

He visited the plan area twice during July as well as examining documents including written representations.

A neighbourhood plan must meet certain conditions and statutory requirements, including contributing to sustainable development, conforming to strategic policies in the area’s development plan and not breach conservation of habitats and species.

Mr Collison said: “Neighbour-hood plans are developed by local people in the localities they understand and as a result each plan will have its own character.”

He added: “Indeed, it is important that neighbourhood plans reflect thinking and aspiration within the local community. They should be a local product and have particular meaning and significance to people living and working in the area.”

Consultation highlighted in the examiner’s report included a feature on the neighbourhood plan published in South Worcester Voice, as well as a questionnaire issued by the parish council and public events, including one at Norton Parish Hall in Littleworth.