Join scheme to make Norton's roads safer

June 06 2022
Join scheme to make Norton's roads safer

Volunteers are being invited to take part in a scheme to make the roads safer in Norton.

West Mercia Police is looking for people interested in becoming members of a Norton-juxta-Kempsey Community Speedwatch scheme.

At least six volunteers are needed for it to be launched.

Community Speedwatch is a community driven road safety initiative, co-ordinated by West Mercia Police but managed and run by volunteers in the community.

It involves trained volunteers from the community monitoring the speeds of vehicles with approved, hand-held speed measurement devices.

Where vehicle speeds are found to be inappropriate, a letter is sent to the registered keeper by the police with the aim of encouraging them to reduce their speed when driving in the future.

The scheme was introduced within West Mercia in 2014, with more than 40 active sites currently operating.

A Community Speedwatch scheme is initiated when speeding traffic has been identified as a community road safety concern by a parish council or safer neighbourhood team.

Criteria must be met before a scheme can be established.

The area must have a 30mph or 40mph speed restriction.

Speed data collected by West Mercia Police must show that speed levels in the area do not meet the national industry requirements for police enforcement.

No other enforcement activity is currently in place.

There must be at least six volunteers in each Community Speedwatch scheme.

Speed checks must be conducted by at least three volunteers at any one time.

Superintendent Gareth Morgan of West Mercia Police said: “The aim of the scheme is not to catch as many speeding drivers as possible but to encourage them to drive within the speed limit.

“Feedback from active group members suggests that motorists visibly slow down when they see the volunteers by the roadside carrying out speed monitoring.”

He added: “In many local areas where Community Speedwatch is already in place, local residents have seen a positive change in driver behaviour and compliance with the speed limit and we look forward to replicating those results across more areas in the future.”

Anyone interested in taking part in a Norton Community Speedwatch scheme can contact the Parish Clerk, Jane Greenway, 18 Corunna Close, Norton, WR5 2PW, or call 01905 763515/07955 756528.

To raise concerns about speeding traffic contact the parish council in the first instance.