Could school provide space?

January 07 2020

I have read the comments and letters printed in St Peter’s Voice regarding Timberdine Avenue.

I have sympathy for Helen Wicks (article May, 2019).

I know someone who also lives in Timberdine Avenue. She has had a lady park on her drive and has asked that person to move their car.

She was told that she would have to wait as she was waiting to collect her child from Blessed Edward Oldcorne.

The owner of the drive explained that she also wanted to collect her child but from a different school and was being prevented by not being able to get her car off the drive.

Eventually the lady removed her car from the drive but this resulted in the resident being late for her own daughter.

I think this is a typical attitude of many of the parents who drive to collect their children from this school.

I have experienced taking 40 minutes to drive up Timberdine Avenue from Bath Road to Battenhall Road, where I reside.

One problem on this occasion was one mother had had difficulty in finding a space and therefore parked her car diagonally to the pavement. She ignored all the remonstrations and remained there while blocking the road.

Eventually her son came to the car and they left with great difficulty due to the road now being blocked by a build-up of traffic.

I have had a mum stop while driving up the road in the lane away from the school and her children run out in front of me to reach her as I was moving down the lane nearest the school.

There are many other incidents of this nature that I and other people have experienced. Obviously these are the minority but the minority is getting larger all the time.

I agree that a stopping area should be reserved for a bus on each side of Timberdine Avenue but would probably expect parents to still park the same.

Could Blessed Edward Oldcorne release space on their own land for parking for the members of staff? Many of the vehicles parked during the day down Timberdine Avenue are in fact these very people.

This would make more space available for the parents and other users of this road.

When I was young I had to make my own way to school. Sometimes this was walking several miles, others catching various buses.  Surely children could do the same now.

 Barbara Earl, Battenhall