Neighbours rally to call to clean up their street

January 04 2022
Neighbours rally to call to clean up their street

Worcester City Council and neighbours of a Battenhall resident rallied in response to her call to clean up their street.

People living in Sebright Avenue used their brooms to tidy up the street before the council’s street sweeping machines moved in.

Louis Stephen, who represents the ward as Green Leader on Worcester City Council, said: “The clear-up was inspired by local resident Debbie Maiden, who asked what could be done to clear up her road.

“With so many cars parked on the road it's not normally possible to get the street sweeping machines into all the nooks and crannies.

“Working with the council I was pleased to organise a date to move parked cars and then had three separate cleaning machines work on the road, pavement and even the drain gullies.

“I was very pleased with the support we had to move cars and to muck in to lend a hand with city council staff to really give the street a proper clean.

“Debbie has lived on the road for over 27 years and to her knowledge the road has never had a deep clean like this before.”

Volunteers who took part in the street clean, including Debbie Maiden, front right