We need to all share pedway

January 07 2021

I am writing to complain about the article on the front page of the current issue of South Worcester Voice.

There is potentially an article to be written about the poor design on the approach to the new Crookbarrow Way footbridge, which is causing issues due to the great success and popularity of the new bridge and with so many people now using it.

However, instead, you’ve chosen one individual incident and used it to try to demonise cyclists and sow division at a time when we should all be pulling together as a community.

I go for a jog up the pedway and over the bridge maybe three to four times a week and there’s rarely a time when a dog that’s not on a lead doesn’t jump in front of me unexpectedly and almost trip me over.

I don’t complain and I don’t then start a campaign that all dogs must be kept on leads.

Similarly, there’s always groups of pedestrians walking along together who, especially now with social distancing, take up the whole path and make no attempt to move over for anyone.

Again, I don’t tut at them or complain or start a campaign for all pedestrians to walk in single file, I simply jog round them even though this takes me off the path on to muddy and slippy areas.

I understand that we’re all the same community using the path to get some fresh air and exercise so I just remain positive and try to make sure that I do my bit and share with care.


Neil Chapman, Battenhall