Site part of green lung of the city

January 31 2020

With reference to Andrew Oliver’s letter, regarding the use of the allotments for parking for parents taking their children to school, is he seriously suggesting that this award-winning site, having been voted twice the best allotment site in Worcester, should be paved over to provide parking for parents for a few minutes a day in term times?

This allotment site is part of the green lung of the city and is used by local people, many of whom are pensioners, some who walk and cycle to the site.

Perhaps Mr Oliver’s children would be better served if he walked them to school, this being a healthier activity then just sitting in a car or, even better, he could get an allotment and introduce his family to healthy exercise and the benefits of eating fresh vegetables.

If you assume that 100 cars a day are used to ferry children to school, then this is 200 car journeys a day, 1,000 car journeys a week and 40,000 car journeys during a school term time of 40 weeks.

No wonder there is a congestion and pollution problem.

Therein lies the answer to the problems. Ban the use of cars for non-essential journeys that commence within a one-mile radius of the school.

Bill Holliday, St Peter’s