Call for more police patrols after spate of crime and anti-social behaviour

December 02 2019
Call for more police patrols after spate of crime and anti-social behaviour

A spate of criminal incidents in Battenhall has been condemned by a councillor who represents both wards.

Conservative Steve Mackay spoke out in the wake of vandalism at Cherry Orchard Primary School and other acts of damage.

During schools’ half-term holiday play equipment was set on fire in the park off Bath Road and Field Walk.

During the same week windows were smashed at properties in Timberdine Avenue and Battenhall Road, with a wheelbarrow stolen in the second of those incidents.

Cllr Mackay, who represents Battenhall on Worcestershire County Council, said: “During October some residents had to put up with horrible behaviour from youths who both threatened them and were abusive to them.

“There’s no excuse for such actions.

“I have heard about young people being bored and having little to do but that’s no excuse.

“When police find offenders they deal with them and as for me I would like to see more police patrols and I think the local officers are probably like minded so I will continue to lobby for a greater police presence.

“Anything that acts as a deterrent to this behaviour must be welcomed.”

Police wold like anyone who might have information relating to any of the incidents to contact them by phone on 101.

Incident numbers are 0472s 291019 (park), 0135s 291019 (Timberdine Avenue) and 73s 291019 (Battenhall Road).


Police warning after distraction theft

Police want residents to be aware of a distraction ruse being used by thieves.

The Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) of West Mercia Police have highlighted an incident in which the offender stole items from inside a car.

A male approached the car, which was occupied, outside Tesco in St Peter’s and said that he could not speak English.

He opened the passenger door to the vehicle and put a map on the seat of the car.

He asked for directions but stole items, including a bank card, from a bag that was in the foot well of the car.

Police have warned people to be alert and urged them to report any suspicious incidents.

They say security advice is available on the West Mercia Police website.