Speed bumps a 'challenge'

December 03 2019

I write with reference to your article concerning the speeding and dodgy traffic calming measures along Battenhall Road.

I live on Sebright Avenue and we experience the same problem. 

I am sure the speed bumps would work better if they were higher and closer together.

 I have driven around residential areas in other parts of the country where this is the case and one really cannot go over them at considerable speed.

 I have suggested in our local Battenhall Community Facebook group that perhaps there could be reminder signs all around our area in case drivers “forget” they have entered a 20mph zone.

 We were told that a VAS [vehicle activated sign] was going to be installed but there was no indication on which road this would be put in.

 Considering Red Hill CofE Primary School is so close I would have thought it should be installed at the end of Sebright Avenue or even on Camp Hill Road. 

 There is a speed bump quite close to my house but most drivers seem to see it as a challenge and hit it at such speed that I'm surprised no-one has lost parts of their vehicles.

 I do live down the wider end of Sebright Avenue and the guy over the road and I park our cars opposite each other but this still does not slow drivers down.

I wonder if we have to wait until someone is injured or worse.

 There are not just the schoolchildren walking to school and back but the area still has many elderly residents. 


Ms Nicola J Porter