A 'staggering' response to call to action

March 30 2020
A 'staggering' response to call to action

The man who launched a drive for volunteers to help their neighbours in Battenhall was “staggered” by the response to his call to action.

More than 70 came forward in a matter of days offering their services.

Louis Stephen, who represents the ward on Worcester City Council, said the Battenhall Coronavirus Volunteers was primarily for people to get support if they needed it.

He added: “There are many ways people will need support.”

Like the St Peter’s Coronavirus Support Group, Battenhall volunteers group members will pick up shopping, medication or urgent supplies, post mail or provide a friendly phone call for their vulnerable neighbours who have to self isolate during the pandemic.

They will follow advice on preventing transmission of the virus while they carry out their errands.

Caroline Simmonds delivers Battenhall Coronavirus Volunteers leaflets

The volunteers have distributed leaflets throughout the ward with names and contact phone numbers included.

Mr Stephen said: “We’re all concerned that the hospitals are not going to be able to cope particularly well with the coronavirus – they could be overwhelmed.

“The Government is calling for everyone to self isolate over the age of 70, particularly if they have underlying health problems.

“If we don’t give people support the consequences will be that people will do more mingling in society and we could get a situation where the hospitals could get swamped.”

He added: “There’s a strong link between mental health and physical health.

“Some of the support will be by telephone and for those people who need a 10-minute chat.

“It could be the highlight of their day rather than just watching television.”

Paul Barton delivering Battenhall Coronavirus Volunteers leaflets

He said: “I’m staggered by the generosity of people who have volunteered.

“Together we can support everybody who needs help.”

Anybody willing to help their neighbours in Battenhall by joining the Battenhall Coronavirus Volunteers can contact Louis Stephen on 07842 982774 or by email at louisjosephstephen@gmail.com