Thieves target St Peter's Garden Centre

October 08 2020
Thieves target St Peter's Garden Centre

Thieves targeted St Peter’s Garden Centre in a bid to steal a safe.

The offenders were disturbed in the early hours of this morning (Thursday).

They escaped so quickly that they did not have time to raise a ramp or close the boot on a people carrier/taxi type of vehicle they were using.

The attempted theft happened at around 2.09am, with the offenders making off at about 2.18am.

Will Blake of the family-owned garden centre said there were three males in the “smallish” black vehicle, which had a wheelchair access ramp at the rear.

Mr Blake said he was fairly certain the offenders turned down Crookbarrow Road, through Norton, Church Lane, Woodbury Lane and then up to the M5 motorway, where they headed north.

Mr Blake has appealed for anyone who saw or heard anything or might have CCTV footage covering the road to contact him.

He estimated the offenders would have arrived at around 2am and anyone with CCTV footage would see  them leave just after 2.15am

He added they might look quite distinct if the ramp and boot remained open.

Mr Blake said he could be contacted at the garden centre, by email or by message.