Traffic problem will get worse

January 31 2020

Firstly, may I say how interesting it is to read your publication.

I have been interested in the articles on the problems with traffic and parking in Timberdine Avenue and feel compelled to offer my views.

My wife and I have lived in Timberdine Avenue since 1981 and love the area and have seen many changes over the years.

I understand how residents have got fed up with parents dropping off their kids and also teachers parking at the top end of Timberdine but this was not a problem some years ago.

The problem has got worse as the Cherry Orchard Primary School has expanded over the years.

This problem is only going to get worse with all the new houses being built in the St Peter’s catchment. We need at least a new primary school to ease the load at Cherry Orchard.

As we see it there is no need for a 20mph limit as when the schools are open it is impossible to do 20mph and in between times who will police the speed, especially late at night?

The suggestion of chicanes is a good idea as long as they do not interfere with resident parking. We certainly do not want speed bumps. By putting down double yellow lines in the close where will the lollipop lady park her car and also some residents can only park in the close.

Also at the Bath Road end of Timberdine Avenue some of the properties have shared driveways or no off-road parking so where would they park if double yellow lines are extended?

The cars being parked on both sides of the road at the Battenhall Road end is the biggest problem as this is like it all day. Why haven’t Blessed Edward made a car park for the staff as they have plenty of land to do so?

To sum up, parents are not going to stop dropping off their kids so as you restrict them you will only move the problem elsewhere. Also, they will still park on double yellow lines as they do so now.

What we do need is for these parents to be more respectful to the residents when asked to not park across people’s driveways.

My wife was nearly run over by a driver when she was trying to speak to her about the parking.

The worst culprits are the ones who park across your driveway and leave their car for 10 to 15 minutes, which nearly caused me to be late for an appointment.

Also, they have in the past parked up our shared driveway, which meant my son had to park at the top end of Timberdine when he came home from work.

Bob Stapleton, Battenhall