Timed, low-level lighting could solve safety issue along unlit lane

February 09 2022

I read the article in South Worcester Voice regarding the “Unlit Brockhill Lane” and how people believed it was unsafe for walkers.

As a resident of Norton for over 20 years and a regular user of the lane for both walking the dog two to three times a day and as a means of accessing St Peter’s for walking into Worcester over the past two years, I believe the introduction of the bridge across Crookbarrow Way has been a fantastic addition to the local community.

Indeed, the number of walkers, families and cyclists using it throughout the day is testimony to that.

However, as with anything, there are always concerns and one of its main hazards is a lack of lighting, specifically in the autumn and winter months, together with an extremely slippery/dangerous surface on the bridge during the frosty and icy mornings/evenings. These two elements combined make the bridge and footpath dangerous at times.

I believe the above issues could be easily addressed through the introduction of low- level lighting that could operate on a timer system, for example from the hours of 6am to 8am and 4.30pm to 10pm in the autumn and winter months.

A major concern that I had from reading the article is [comments of Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish councillors]. 

The following statements in particular concerned me:

“I’m not in favour of lighting because I think it’s further urbanisation of the area, which I don’t like to see as it brings light pollution”. 

Surely safety comes first and also there are bigger issues on the urbanisation front in the area, noting the new industry estate and housing estates along Broomhall Way.

“The problem has been compounded by the removal of the temporary crossing on Crookbarrow Way, compelling people to cross the  Crookbarrow Way footbridge into Brockhill Lane to get from Norton to St Peter’s and vice versa”. 

Surely this is a good thing as we don’t want to be seeing people crossing a very busy dual carriageway which, at times, is as busy as the M5.

The introduction of the footbridge across Crookbarrow Way is intended to open up the area and make crossing of the road safe and at the same time making it easy for people to enjoy the area and exercise.

From reading the article I got the impression that the parish council thought that Crookbarrow Way footbridge had created problems not solved them.

When you cross the bridge into St Peter’s all pathways are well lit and maintained. Surely it makes sense to do the same on the Norton side of the bridge.


Jon Alcock, Norton