Unlit lane is 'unsafe' for walkers claims resident

January 04 2022
Unlit lane is 'unsafe' for walkers claims resident

Concerns over the personal safety of people walking along Brockhill Lane have been discussed by Norton-juxta-Kempsey parish councillors.

The issue was raised by a woman who contacted the council about the unlit lane.

Parish council chairman Kevin Fincher said the woman explained: “how dark it was and how unsafe it was walking down there”.

He added: “I made that walk myself on an unmoonlit night and it was very dark.”

Mr Fincher went on: “We did talk about having waist-high wayfinder lights down there.”

Conservative Worcestershire county councillor Linda Robinson, who attended the parish council meeting when the issue was discussed, said she had been contacted by someone who she thought was probably the same woman.

Cllr Robinson crossed the Crookbarrow Way footbridge leading on to Brockhill Lane to see the situation for herself.

She thought the prospect of lighting would be not welcomed by residents of the lane, saying: “Having spoken to residents in Brockhill Lane they’re not in favour of lights.”

Mr Fincher pointed out: “The houses down there have got outside lights,” adding that only waist-high lights had been discussed previously.

His fellow parish councillor Colin Arrow said lights “could be very low level, for example like cat’s eyes”.

The parish council’s vice-chairman, Peter Richmond, said: “I’m not in favour because I think it’s a further urbanisation of the area, which I don’t like to see”, citing it as potential “light pollution”.

Parish  councillor Martin Pollard said the problem had been compounded by the removal of the temporary pedestrian crossing on Crookbarrow Way, compelling people to cross the Crookbarrow Way footbridge into Brockhill Lane to get from Norton to St Peter’s and vice versa.