Tidy up for 'unsightly' roundabout into parish

July 02 2021
Tidy up for 'unsightly' roundabout into parish

The unsightliness of a traffic roundabout considered a “gateway” to the parish of Norton is set to be addressed.

Members of Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council discussed the roundabout, where Norton Road meets Crookbarrow Road, during their annual meeting.

They were told by parish clerk Jane Greenway that although it would be adopted by Worcestershire County Council Highways, the county council did not maintain verges around roundabouts within 30mph zones.

Instead it looked to parish councils to do so.

The county council would, however, contribute £800 a year to the parish council for the roundabout’s maintenance.

The parish council voted to accept the offer, although members had reservations whether that sum would be enough and would consider a commercial sponsor for the roundabout.

Following the meeting, parish council chairman Kevin Fincher said: “The roundabout is the gateway to the parish and the parish council constantly receive complaints from parishioners regarding the state of it.

“The parish council have, for some considerable time, been pushing Worcestershire County Council Highways to adopt it from the builders and allow its adoption by a local company, having had two local company adoptees lined up for some time.

“We hope that the process to allow its adoption can be concluded as soon as possible but, in the interim, with Worcestershire County Council Highways now responsible for its maintenance, we will continue to push them to maintain it so that it looks appropriate to the area and is not a hazard to drivers in terms of restricted visibility.”