Use allotments as parking area

January 07 2020

I have just read about the proposed parking restrictions around Cherry Orchard Primary School.

I drop my twin girls off twice a week at the school and already find it extremely hard to park safely near the school as it is.

Putting further parking restrictions in the area does not solve the problem of drop-offs and pick-ups.

Instead of restricting an already chaotic area, how about coming up with an idea that suits both residents and parents who drop their children off?

I see there’s a huge allotment area right next to the school. How about moving that somewhere else and putting in ample parking and drop-off areas, reducing the already chaotic situation.

This allotment is most likely used by people not even living near the area. Move it to the outskirts of the city, like the one near Perdiswell, and use the space more productively.

Andrew Oliver, St Peter’s