Verbally abusing lorry drivers is 'offensive'

March 08 2021
Verbally abusing lorry drivers is 'offensive'

Lorry drivers are being verbally abused by Whittington residents a village-based businessman has said.

Nick Hodgetts, who runs cheese-making company Croome Cuisine, raised the issue during a meeting of Whittington Parish Council.

Members were discussing parking issues in the village when Mr Hodgetts aired his concerns during the open public session of the meeting.

He said: “...there’s a lot of people furloughed and working from home, which obviously clogs up the road but what I think concerns me a little bit is that several of the drivers that come to us have been verbally abused by residents in the village for blocking the road with big lorries and I’m afraid I’ve got to say I find that quite offensive and if we’re are going to work through all this together then that sort of thing has got to stop because these guys are doing their job on the highway which may or may not be blocked by residents and that’s not something they should have to put up with, I’m afraid.

“We’ll all do our best to work with it but that’s not acceptable.”

He added that the issue needed to be seen “from both sides”, saying the lorry drivers were entitled to access the village without “putting up with some of the abuse they get, be it from mums or dads dropping off their kids, people working from home or wanting to walk the dog”.