'Disgrace' that warehouses were allowed

February 09 2022

Many of the residents in Norton, Kempsey and St Peter’s feel we have no say in the future and have been let down by the local authority representatives and the planners/developers appear to make the decisions in isolation without any thought for the outcome and can walk away from the problems they create.

The latest is the erection of the very large warehouses at Norton roundabout, Norton Road.

It is a disgrace that these were allowed to be built and how many more are planned along the link road and possibly Norton?

These have destroyed any residential plan for the area and are an eyesore approaching Norton/St Peter’s.

To make matters worse a small housing development – Pear Trees – is being built behind. Is this the essence of a future housing plan for affordable housing?

Where is a planned infrastructure included in future to cover for additional housing?

It appears that once the land is sold the planners/developers move in to develop the land to whatever use they can and move away without any consequences for the future.

The final straw is the application (second) to build a travellers’ static site for 10 units on the Ketch boot sale land. This should be thrown out as this will create more traffic chaos on to the ketch roundabout/A38.

These concerns will not go away as it is a fact that many residents in the areas have major concerns for the future.


FJ Simmons, St Peter’s